Hi, I am Sándor Buzás,

a Certified High Performance Coach!

If you are here, you might:

•    want to get better results in your private/ professional life or in business,

•    realized, that you have to maximize your productivity to reach better results,

•    already be successful, but you know that you can reach higher levels of performance and results (and have harmony in your life),

•    work on starting a new business, and want to begin at the highest level avoiding  failure as much as possible,

Whatever your purpose is, I am sure you want more from your life and your business and you believe you can get it!

And YES, you can have it!

I offer you a free High Performance Coaching Strategy Session. This is a 75-90 minute coaching session through Skype. We go through the five key areas which are the proven base of high performance: CLARITY, ENERGY, COURAGE, PRODUCTIVITY, and INFLUENCE. We may not find all the answers you need in 75 minutes, but we will find ways in the most important areas for you to really step forward and increase your performance.

Why do I now offer a Coaching Strategy Session for free? One reason is that by experiencing how I can help you, you may decide to continue and work together. In addition, I must admit I always learn from coaching, I really enjoy it and I am good at it.

Look, I know for sure that you can profit a lot (it can actually change your life!) from the 13-session Certified High Performance Coaching process I offer you, but you may not be so certain about it. You don’t know me yet . So, let's have an experience with me as a coach during the free Strategy Session.

All right, now, wait a minute! I am both a Certified High Performance Coach and a business coach, with decade-long experience in leadership and entrepreneurship. I can be most helpful to you if:

•    you are an entrepreneur,

•    you feel successful (making mistakes is great too!),

•    you want to contribute to the world with your business and earn money at the same time,

•    you believe and feel that you can reach much higher levels of success, results, joy, and fulfillment,

•    you are ready to change (habits, perspective, behavior, etc.) for your goals and dreams,

•     you are ready to work (sometimes hard) for those goals and dreams.

OK, what to do next? If you want to schedule a free Strategy Session with me, just click the button below. You will be asked to give your name and email address, and you will get an email from me with a questionnaire. Please fill and send it back to me, and I will write to you to schedule our Strategy Session!

Don’t forget: you have to WANT IT, KNOW IT and DO IT, in order to reach it!

Dra.Carla Frohmuller, MD, Ph.D

„Sandor Buzas knows how to get results!  He can see what I cannot. He helped me expand my thinking and my perspective to clearly see my options.  Each session was full of important insights.  Sandor Buzas is a trusted advisor. He keeps me on the fast track for growth. Working with him, I had found the confidence to make the best decisions to advance my life and my business.  He is a great coach!”

Gergely Gurmai

“Fascinating methodology and tailor-made coaching activities! Meetings are highly focused and finish by getting new perspectives that expands on the topics previously discussed. There were personalized homework activities that triggered immediate changes in my life and around me. The coaching process covers well-defined scopes while the well-targeted questions tap on and fine-tune the issues that bring significant changes in an instant. It was definitely well worth it! Thank you!”

Zsolt Krajcár, Managing Director

“Why did I want to ask for the help of a coach in the first place? I have realized by now that I am not the only one being in the shoes of a first-generation entrepreneur. A nearly 30-year long career in building and managing a business has gradually eaten up my work-life balance. I found the solution to reinstall this balance with Sándor and High Performance Coaching methodology. I was first expecting to talk about my problems and to receive ready-made solutions that are supposed to work for everyone. To my surprise however, I was ‘only’ getting questions: but these were coming relentlessly and consistently. And I was the most surprised by the answers I was giving. I was having evidently obvious answers to all the questions without much time of thinking. I would recommend this coaching experience to anyone in the same shoes. Just test the power of answers that we provide by ourselves, to ourselves, saying out loud!”

László Virág, Managing Director

“The work we have done together produced the following two results:First, as a result of the coaching process, I have a much better understanding of myself and my role both in business and in private life. I clearly see my current goals, I know what I am doing right and I see where I can improve. And this understanding helps me be more aware and effective in making good decisions that bring me closer to my goals.Second, all the skillset and know-how that I have gained during the process and that I am continuously using in my daily life helps me actually maintain this mindset and attitude on the long run! Which means that I will be able to cope with the new challenges of the future more efficiently and with increased awareness.It is for this reason why I highly recommend High Performance Coaching to anyone!”

Zsolt Gyetvai, Managing Director

“I have been in business as a mechanical engineer and machine manufacturer for nearly 30 years. I had climbed the hierarchy and for the past 20 years I have been managing my business. I am continuously learning about our business, engineering and people. I have completed dozens of trainings, business development programs, leadership and personal development courses as well. I met Sándor Buzás in the spring of 2018 and we started a 5-month long coaching program. I knew I would enjoy it and I knew it would benefit me, since I had positive experiences from before. Well, I wasn’t exactly right: I didn’t simply enjoy it, and it didn’t simply benefit me, it was actually spectacular and amazing! Sándor certainly knows what he is doing. He is firm but never aggressive. He is consistent but can be relaxed as well. He never wanted to place himself first. He was leading me and helping me along letting me draw conclusions, find my answers and explore the takeaways myself. One of the major benefits I gained is my increased self-awareness. I’m able to concentrate more, I feel stronger and more firm and I can cope with challenges and the unexpected much better. I generally feel better and have a brighter outlook on my life. Warmly recommended!”

Gábor Túry PhD

“Frankly, Sándor is a role model for me, for his professionalism and also for his dedication. I was fortunate enough to personally attend Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy event with him and now I see that Sándor not only presents the essence of the original training, but also adapts the American ways to the Hungarian reality. Our coaching process revealed such depth of insight into my life, that it triggered self-development in my career, and even beyond, in my private life. I was actually able to step beyond my limits, which I would never have imagined possible before. Thank you!”

Dr. Balázs Barta, Managing Director

“Working with Sándor is a fascinating trip! He has the firm academic background validated by his former career as a business analyst and this gives him the ability to clearly understand business processes. At the same time, he knows all the tiny everyday challenges that an entrepreneur has to face in their life. He certainly knows what he’s talking about, he has been there, and done both! He has the ability to guide his mentoree with subtle questions and lead them to see new perspectives by providing new approaches to problems. He is attentive, patient and supportive. He and his work offers exceptional value!”